Thursday, July 24, 2008

Questions to Ask about weighty matters (More on the Trinity)

When I was teaching Bible Study Methods to middle schoolers, I taught them to always question everything including the Scriptures.  Not necessarily in a doubting way, but ask questions of the Scriptures.  Why did Jesus go there?  What was Paul thinking at the time he wrote that?  Why did they do what they did?  What were they having to go through?  Etc....Etc....I want to encourage you to do the same thing, especially when reading, listening, or viewing something that is teaching doctrine.  Then, be a Berean and go to what you know the Scripture says about it, and always make that your default setting.  Always understand the universal principle of interpreting the Bible is to understand the unclear passages by comparing them to the clear passages.  Go to other Bible passages that touch on the same thing, go to different commentaries, pick apart the words, find the meanings, mull over it, chew on it, and digest it.  It takes time, energy, and thought.  Do not just accept a piece of literature, or a movie, or anything else just on feelings alone.  Think, Think, Think, and Study, Study, Study.  

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."  
II Timothy 2:15

I want to address some questions that you should be asking yourself as you read The Shack.  Asking questions should be where you should begin with a novel like this one.  
  1. Does it point me to Christ?
  2. Does what I am reading Glorify God and His Word?
  3. Does it encourage me to mourn over my sin?
  4. Does it encourage me to rationalize my sin?
  5. Does it point me to Christ?
  6. Does it show me my utter poverty before Him, and increase my dependency on Him?
  7. Does it in any way, even subtly, teach works righteousness?
  8. Does it enlarge my view of God or weaken my sense of His majesty?
  9. Apart from how I feel, or how entertaining it is, does it match up with the teaching of Scripture?
I am sure you all could come up with better questions, and if you do please email them 
to me or leave them on the comment section of this blog post.
I also want to say, I am the first one to encourage reading of all sorts. Read the classics, 
read modern literature, read different view points of what Christianity teaches, but always 
come back to weighing it with a Biblical World and Life View. Truth is truth, no matter 
where it is found. If it is truth it is God's truth. The Biblical World View is far superior to 
anything that the world has to offer. Tomorrow I will post more on the Trinity.  
Today's post was to get you thinking.
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Amy Guerino said...

I love your questions to think about in regards to reading The Shack.

My husband, a Centurion (3rd class in 2006) put a good review and concern about The Shack on his blog:
Perspective from the Summit

The link on his blog to a lengthy review also contains some theology implications. It is well worth the time to read through....and answers many of your questions as well as ones not asked.