Thursday, July 17, 2008

Book Review: The Shack by William Young

I have recently read the very popular book by William Young called The Shack.  It has sold more than a million copies so far and is on the New York Best Seller list.  The story is compelling and I was hooked in the very first pages.  It did get rather slow (a tiny bit) when Young begins teaching his theology lesson through the pages of the story.  I was very disappointed in his take.  I thought the premise of the book was brilliant, but it left me cold when he began teaching.  It still has value, but I think the value is far out weighed by his heretical bent of God.   Beware!  I cannot say it as well as the writer Tim Challies on his blog. He has an excellent pdf format book review on this important book.  Please read it all in thepdf format.  It is a wonderful review and a succinct Biblical view of the theology that The Shack purports to teach.    Please go to the following link:  The Shack  

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