Thursday, May 8, 2008

Women engaging Women for Christ

I am so excited about what God is doing, I just have to share a little!
I have had the opportunity to talk about a book that has been getting a lot of press lately, The Shack. Perhaps you have heard of it. It is a liberally creative allegory about the Trinity, life, evil and how we as humans relate to all of them. This book has some good points and some bad ones. I can safely say that I have not read it for spiritual understanding as much as to know what the world is reading and have some tools to open dialogue with others.
Just this week, I had the opportunity to chat with a woman that asked about the book, what I thought and what it meant. We had a lively discussion on what the true definition of God is and how relative perspectives don't lead to truth. She claimed that we can't really know truth and shouldn't hold others to our version of it. I presented some basic thoughts of God as the creator of truth so we have a moral standard and fiber of truth. We did not see eye to eye on everything but I know God created that opportunity to talk and to delve into spiritual matters.
Then I learned that another friend is hosting a summer book club and they are going to discuss this book. We discussed about the importance of knowing what you believe and why so you can engage the culture at their interests. I am encouraged that we can talk, share and perhaps learn more deeply from each other. Even when we may not agree!
I hope you are excited to have a meaningful conversation with someone this week too!