Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why is everyone talking about worldview?

Have you noticed that the word "worldview" is cropping up all over the place? Seems like every Christian speaker, teacher, TV program, radio station, and publication is talking about "worldview." Wonder why? Since a worldview is a system of making sense of the world around us, maybe people are feeling that the world around them is not making sense at all - at least not to anyone who really thinks about things. There seems to be a hunger in each of us to understand our world - to have a way of thinking that is integrated, not dis-integrated. When we watched the World Trade Centers become disintegrated, we were shaken to our very core. When we see people become disintegrated by bombs planted by human beings in the Middle East, we shudder. We don't like things that are broken, shattered, dis-integrated - including our own lives. I have found that the worldview espoused by God's Word to be the only worldview of integrity - it just makes sense - of everything! Shalom = wholeness; integrity; peace.