Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Politics 101

I have been a political junkie all my life.  Really.  I remember my parents talking about the political races in Texas when I was just four or five.  Mom and Dad used to discuss Goldwater, LBJ, Nixon, and John F. Kennedy.  Being brought up in Texas with the name of Lynda, and the last name of Johnson, everyone use to ask me if I was "Lady Bird."  In junior high, still in Dallas, I plastered the bathroom shower with Bush bumper stickers, where I got them I do not know, and why my mother wasn't mad, I do not know that either!  I mean they were all over the tile in the shower.  I followed politics through high school and into college when I once voted for the wrong President, but we never mention that.  When my hero, Ronald Reagan ran for President, I honestly thought that the world was going to end if he did not make it into office.  What a great man.  
With this election cycle, the political, economic, civic, and historic side of me has taken over and invaded my heart, mind and soul in a bad way.  My husband would probably say I was demon possessed.   I am literally eating, sleeping, and following all my political web sites, talk shows, and congressional information that I can possibly put my hands on.  My family is really getting tired of hearing, "did you know what went on in the House today,"  or "you will never believe what (so and so candidate) said on the campaign trail today."  Although it is very gratifying when your twelve year old sits down and listens to the entire Presidential debate Friday night with you, and comments about socialism and it's evils.  Which brings me to the goal of this blog post.  As I have followed the candidates and the peoples comments of the candidates, I have noticed that ordinary people like you and me do not have a handle on the rudimentary fundamentals of civics, government or economics.
Whether you are very interested in this subject or not, you as a voter really need to be aware of the  issues that are driving our politics in this country.  I would like to recommend some resources to you for you perusal.  First of all if you haven't read the Constitution and the founding documents of this our great country, get a copy, read it and become familiar with it.  You can get free resources like this anywhere on the net, or go to The Heritage Foundation'sweb site and they will send it to you.  Check out Townhall.com, Drudge Report, American Thinker, and Politico.com.  

I would also like to recommend to you some books.  I was listening to Tony Snow one day on the radio, and he said that F. A. Hayek's book called The Road to Serfdom changed his life.  Well, I had already heard it was essential reading, but had never read it, so I pulled it off the shelf and read it.  Giving background and analysis about the road to National Socialism and Facism in Germany, Hayek warns against the same thing happening in our nation.  A chilling evaluation that could happen here too.  Modern Facism Gene Edward Veith is another one of those essential reads that pulls you in immediately.  Animal Farm by George Orwell should also be read by your junior high students as well as you.  Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell gives you the basic terms of the conservative, capitalist view point from one of the most brilliant ecomomists in the nation.   The Roots of Freedom; A Primer on Modern Liberty by John Danford  in a short 200 page book, Danford expains where our system came from philosophically, and why any other system leads to the loss of liberty.  He does a superb job of condensing the thoughts of Locke, Hume, and Adam Smith.  Which brings me to An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations written by Adam Smith.  Smith is the political and philosophical founder of the modern capitalistic system.  ReadAmerican Democracy by Alexis De Touqueville.  Go to David Barton's web site and you can find all the resources you would ever need about the founding fathers of this country, and what they really thought, did, and believed.  
I think I have given you at least a beginning.  And more importantly, I hope I have piqued your interest.  Send me your favorites too. 

Looking for the One and only One who can usher us His children into the Ultimate Utopia.........Lynn

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